Monday, 7 February 2011

FO: In The Land of Oz

Instant gratification is the best kind.

(Excuse the blurry pictures- just because I'm learning how to use the super techie camera doesn't mean anyone else is. Ahem.)

Feb 2011 120

This was an easy-peasy pattern that made me insanely happy. It's basically a modified feather-and-fan lace pattern. It took me about a week to whip up, with my main motivation being that I only have 1 pair of size 7 needles and I needed them for a sweater that I wanted to start RIGHT AWAY.

Feb 2011 112

I used 1 skein of sportweight yarn- BMFA Socks that Rock Mediumweight. The color is "Lunasea". It's gorgeous.

I can't decide whether or not to gift this or keep this yet. It's so pretty, but I feel like I have so many lace shawls and scarves at this point. Time to spread the love.

aug2 037

I liked it better knitted up than on the skein- it knitted up like a watercolor. I'm always a little nervous about pairing lace with multi-colored handpainted, but I think this worked out nicely.

Feb 2011 107

It's an easy pattern to modify if you have additional or less yardage. I knew I was running short so I ended the lace pattern four rows early. Even with this precaution, I ran out on the bind-off. I searched my stash of scraps and pulled out a similar color to finish binding off the last 50 stitches. I'm told that it's not noticeable unless I point it out.

The specs: In the Land of Oz shawl by Adrienne Fong. I used 380 + yards of sportweight yarn and size 7 needles. (I didn't bother checking my gauge and probably wouldn't have ran out if I did, but oh well).

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