Friday, 11 February 2011

Thanks, Grandma

My Grandma, who is awesome, sent me this apron recently.

Feb 2011 134

It's all ruffly and adorable. I'm hesitant to splatter grease on.

I guess the feminist revolution never really hit my grandma, so I'll keep on wearing it with heels and hose to support her belief system. A woman must look her best, even when she is slaving away in her kitchen. Also, makeup makes you look cheap, so not too much. And for goodness sake, let's make sure you have dinner on the table ON TIME or else there will be hell to pay.

Grandma actually envies me a bit for not settling down and devoting life to family. Mind you, my Grandfather is a wonderful man and the whole course of history would have been altered for a lot of people if she didn't marry him and be a good wife. She seems like she was a real wild child back in the day and would have fit in nicely in the city- she loves the few times she has visited and always talks about the sights and the shows she saw, and just how much there was to do. She lives in a stagnant town with less than 5,000 people and she has to drive an hour to the nearest big town to do anything that doesn't involve snowmobiling, hunting, hiking or fishing.

Also, before arthritis took over, she was an awesome knitter and taught me how when I was wee.

Here's to reinforcing traditional gender stereotypes.

Actually, Bry was cooking at that moment (dumplings, yum) and I just took the helm for a second for the photo op.

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