Friday, 13 May 2011

I did get some Knitting In...

...Just not very much.

Arizona 2011 209

Most of it was while I was sneaking out to sit by the pool for a few minutes. I was working, after all. That's the beginnings of a lace linen top. Perfect for summer, or summer-like climates.

Arizona 2011 206

After such a long NYC winter and a rather cool spring, I was pretty psyched to be absorbing as much Vitamin D as possible- with as much sun screen as possible. I went through several bottles. Also, several bottles of tequila.

Arizona 2011 186

Margaritas are alway a great way to spend a day, especially after hiking around the hills nearby.

Here's some more gratuitous scenery. I have too much real work to catch up on to have a coherency to my thoughts, so all you get is pictures.

Arizona 2011 026

Arizona 2011 019

Arizona 2011 079

Arizona 2011 200

Arizona 2011 204

Arizona 2011 315

Arizona 2011 323

Arizona 2011 330
(I thought that was a Wallaby, but later was told it was a jackrabbit. Derp.)

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