Monday, 16 May 2011

My Patience Pays Off

Dealing with babies co-workers for a week off-site has it's charms, but it was time for me to rid myself of them. A bit of distance was needed, literally.

So Bry came out and rented a big Goldwing motorcycle and we headed off to Tonto National Forest.

Arizona 2011 223

That bike was pretty sweet- I'm super spoiled now that I've had armrest and known the wonders of heated seats. I get it now. It doesn't suck to be comfortable. Also, the thing was super-quiet and I didn't get any of the usual deafness that I usually get after a couple hours of hearing the pipes roaring. Also, I had actual footrest. I think it's time for an upgrade when we get home.

Arizona 2011 224

It also meant I was secure enough to get my camera out and shoot the landscape zipping by.

The desert colors were so amazing. It hasn't been so dry that the vegetation had completely up and dried out yet. There were even patches of wildflowers giving little pops of color here and there.

Arizona 2011 231

Did I mention that it was about 100 degrees out this entire time? We made our way up to Payson, which is a bit higher up in the mountains and refreshingly cooler.

Arizona 2011 236

It has a great biker diner there as well- The Knotty Pine. I asked the waitress if she had any vegetables as a side and she looked and me deadpan and said, "Onion Rings".

Arizona 2011 263

We rode up to Roosevelt Lake.

Arizona 2011 265

Arizona 2011 267

At this point, we could have either backtracked and taken the same road back to Phoenix that we came in on, or we could take an unpaved road 26 miles up into the canyons and wilderness on the Apache trail.

Guess which way we chose.

But shhhhh, don't tell the guy at the bike-rental place.

Arizona 2011 271

We ended up taking a refreshing swim in Apache lake. It was gorgeous.

Arizona 2011 278

Arizona 2011 279

Arizona 2011 280

Arizona 2011 282

It was quite the vertigo-inspiring situation as we climbed higher into the canyons on a narrow cliff side road with tons of tight switchbacks.

Arizona 2011 286

Arizona 2011 287

Arizona 2011 291

Arizona 2011 295

You can see the wee tiny road far below. Scary.

Arizona 2011 298

Arizona 2011 296

At the end of the dirt trail is Tortilla Flat, a little tourist trap that sells ice cream and old-timey candies. It was completely welcomed.

Arizona 2011 299

Lebowski fans, take note.

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