Friday, 20 May 2011


We took a trip up into the mountains north into Sedona. It was such a pretty ride.

Arizona 2011 465

Arizona 2011 467

It was actually surprisingly chilly. After being baked by 100 degree heat it was a bit of a surprise as I didn't really pack cool-weather gear. Plus, we couldn't find anything on the road to buy much heavier than a t-shirt.

Arizona 2011 480

We stopped at Montezuma's Castle, a national monument. Centuries ago, native farmers build their homes up in the limestone cliffs. They mysteriously disappeared in the 14th century, but these amazing cliff-homes still exist.

Arizona 2011 483

They made their way up into the layered apartments with a series of ladders. No one knows exactly why they built vertically and precariously on these cliffs, but they took advantage of the natural caves already in the limestone to expand their dwellings.

Arizona 2011 486

Arizona 2011 488

Arizona 2011 492

Along with pottery and bronze-age tools, archeologist have found drop spindles on site.

Arizona 2011 497

People living vertically in tiny vertiginous dwellings who spun their own yarns. It seemed a bit like home to me.

We made it to Sedona just as these gorgeous dramatic clouds rolled in:

Arizona 2011 498

Wow. Just wow.


  1. You need to send in that picture just above for a postcard!

  2. Great picture of the red rocks! They are just amazing aren't they? So beautiful.