Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Milking It

A cushy but soulless work environmental means that sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and sometimes you have to milk it for all you can. I have no problem with that.

Arizona 2011 003

When the opportunity arises to go someplace interesting or slightly exotic, I usually take a few vacation days to extend the trip if I can. That way, I can at least say that I left the resort. It's a nice way to economize a bit since the flight and hotel is already being paid for, and I like to go off the beaten path a bit while escaping the fun and drunken games the co-workers are playing.

Really now, when the resort has views like this:

Arizona 2011 016

and this:

Arizona 2011 024

you really start to think twice about going anywhere. Why move from the lounge chairs when you can watch the sun set while a cute cowboy brings you margaritas all afternoon?

Arizona 2011 038

Arizona always makes me slightly angry. You have this big state that selfishly took all the amazing scenery for itself. You won't see a more spectacular place on earth.

Arizona 2011 056

It's a waking dream.

Arizona 2011 069

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