Friday, 3 June 2011

Kicking Off the Summer Appropriately

The warmer months in New York are usually pretty darn unpleasant. It's really shocking to see a blue sky...for weeks at a time as there is so much humidity, you get a nice smoggy grey atmosphere. Sitting around in front of the AC in your underwear is really the only way to go. Sorry co-workers, it's required of me.

Most New Yorkers head out of town for the weekends, causing a traffic crush on Fridays that just becomes known as "Your Worst Nightmare", only for it to reoccur on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it's nice to brave the heat on the weekends as you get the city to yourself- no lines at trendy brunch spots is really a self-congratulatory experience no one should be without.

Since Governor's Island because open to the public on summer weekends with free ferry service, it's really just become a micro-hamptons as far as the popularity contest goes. Except you can't go swimming.

To kick of the summer this year, they had a "BeerNYC". A picnic. With Beer. In New York. Sadly, the event itself was one of the most poorly run I've been to. People paid a lot of money to get in, only to be denied food and beer as vendors ran out. Also, they promised VIP ticket holders food and beverage at 11am, only to find out that because of the "Blue Laws", they couldn't serve until noon. When I arrived after 1pm, the place was so packed, it was an hour wait to get anything- the whole lawn was nothing but lines, and finding where one line ended and the other began was impossible. Terrible planning on the event organizer's behalf.

That's didn't stop us from getting together and having fun.


Oh, and there was a ukulele parade.



We were able to stake out a spot on the lawn and catch up with friends.


Some of the friends actually made it to the front of the beer line. Brave souls.


It's nice to have a different vantage point of the city anyway.




I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend as well. I do love the leisurely long days we have to look forward to.

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