Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Early Autumn Epic Walk

The weather hasn't quite cooled off like early autumn usually does, but it's still pleasant enough for me to start up my epic walks again. I only seem to get inspired to do this in spring or autumn- after a long, cold slushy winter or a brutally hot spell. I'll pick a direction I haven't been in a while and walk until I can't walk any more. It's wonderful, and nothing works up an appetite for a sinfully rich dinner than being on your feet until your shoes wear out.

batts 160

On this particular day, I headed north through Brooklyn, up to Atlantic Ave, South on Flatbush and then wandered around the Botanic Garden and Prospect Park before needing to put my Metrocard to good use. Subway train, take me away!

batts 161

I was actually surprised at how many blooms looked fresh and brilliant still. Usually things look a little brown and dried out by now.

batts 182

The buckets of rain that have been falling probably have something to do with it. We've had a wet past couple months.

batts 189

batts 191

There were bees everywhere, frantically getting their nectar on as they know they don't have much longer to build up their winter stores.

batts 199

batts 206

batts 212

batts 215

batts 221

I love the rose garden.

batts 217

I give equal love to the Japanese Garden.

batts 267

batts 247

batts 254

batts 260

batts 271

batts 283

Walking back through Prospect Park, there was an intense football match going on. They were from Ghana and Senegal, and they were serious about their game.

batts 291

batts 289

They made me feel like I was super lazy plodding around on my walk.

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