Friday, 2 September 2011

FO: Rivendell Socks

I made a pair of socks. They are fancy.

Necklaces 144

So fancy, they took me forever to make. They weren't particularly hard to make but I did feel like they were time consuming. I have a hard time finding a spare moment to sit down and focus on charts and fiddly stitch re-arrangements, so I would work on them for 10 minutes and then not touch them again for a week.

I cast on for them last May when I was in Arizona and I didn't get so much done on them all summer long. Finally, I just decided to sit down and do this and knocked them out pretty quickly. Once you get past the wrapped stitches and the lace charts on the cuff, these weren't all that bad. The rest of the sock is just twisted rib stitch.

Necklaces 138

I guess they have something to do with Lord of the Rings, but I just liked the lace leaf and twining vine pattern. It's kind of graceful. You can find the pattern Here.

Necklaces 140

I used a skein of Holiday Yarn's Flock Sock in the "Burnt Orange" colorway. I'm not normally all that into oranges, but I liked this one. I made another pair of socks from this sock yarn a couple years ago, and it really wears like iron- it's thin and has a high twist and a 25% nylon content. It's also a little rough on your hands to work with. I think I probably used a gallon of lotion to keep my hands from drying up into scales when I was working these. I would rather suffer a little bit and have a pair of socks that aren't delicate little snowflakes that pill and felt and fall apart after a couple wears though.

Necklaces 142

I might just keep these for myself.

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