Thursday, 29 September 2011

FO: Broadripple Socks

I have not given up hope that one day, I will have knit everything I have in my stash. I'm still forcing myself to pick projects based on the yarn, and in somewhat alphabetical order. Just because.

I dug out a couple skeins of Knit Picks Felici that has been hiding out in my stash for eons now. 5 years maybe? It's been a while. The colorway is "Schooner", but it's been discontinued. Anyway, they were the next sock yarn on my list and I had the urge to make socks. The yarn has a good amount of nylon in it, so they make good, hard-wearing socks. I still wear a pair of socks I made from them back in 2008, and they have held up just fine. Also, it's good sock yarn for gift socks as they are superwash, and your aunt who just does't give a shit about her deliciates will still have a pair of socks at the end of the day.

may2008 110

I really like self-striping yarn. I think I was fooled into thinking some handpainted yarns were self-striping, but the stripes would pool and do weird things and it was impossible to find a pattern that didn't get lost in all that clown barf. No more loud multi-colored handpaints for me, thank you.

I choose the Broadripple Sock pattern from the Knitty Summer 2003 issue.

projects 054

I made these toe-up, two at a time. That's my preferred method since it allows me to use up every last yard of yarn. The socks I made toe-up tend to be much taller than the anxiety-inducing cuff-down pairs.

projects 053

The pattern was really simple- just one row of lace to memorize, and a modified feather-and-fan pattern at that. I added 4 extra stitches to the pattern just to give them a little more ease. The pattern is written for a thicker DK weight yarn, and I was using fingering weight, so a few extra stitches didn't hurt.

projects 051

I love the stripes. LOVE. I got them to more or less line up. They were really quick to knit as well- the pattern had good flow to it, and the stripes allowed me to gauge my progress in a way that made me want to knit more on them. I could get 3 stripes worth done per commute.

These will be gifted to a fairly irresponsible laundress with cold feet.


  1. I agree about self striping yarns vs the hand-painted variety where you get pooling. I hate pooling and flashing.

    These are really lovely. Great colors, good stripes and nice pattern!

  2. I did these socks and love them. This yarn was perfect for this pattern!