Saturday, 13 October 2012

First Sundays

The First Sunday of the Month is Free Museum Day in Paris. Most major halls open their doors to the public, with just a wait to get through the security line.

Which, because of its popularity, can be quite long, and they will cut the line off at the end of the day.

Which is exactly why we were smug with glee last Sunday afternoon as we were the last people to be let into the d'Orsay museum and had to endure dozens of people trying to whine their way into line.


I hope there is another picture out there somewhere of me on the other side of the ropes, looking victorious.

WED_8401 WED_8402

Afterwards, a walk though the Tulleries.


The goats are still there!


We have officially entered gray sky season, so the warmth of the sun brought the world outside for a few brief hours.

WED_8398 WED_8407

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