Friday, 5 October 2012

In Which Our Neighborhood is Invaded by Commies

Living next to a big square in Paris (actually, it's a circle) means that we get to see our share of protest and events. A couple weeks ago, there was a rave there. I have no idea why. There were people wearing rainbow hair and dancing to really loud music being blasted out from the top of double-decker buses. I generally look on with interest, but it's days like this my street turns into one giant urinal and I'm careful where I step.

Last Sunday, there was a rally for the various Communist Parties and organizations. While this would be taboo and downright scandalous in the states, the Party here is alive and well despite that it's a political minority.

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Just to further our Communism Education, we also checked out the Chinese Moon Festival.


The festival ended up being non-existant, and we couldn't even find a place to get the traditional Moon Cookies. We consoled ourselves by walking around Chinatown and eating all the dumplings.


Here's a real sign of cross-culture cuisine:


Durian Macaroons!

The Chinese food here isn't up to New York standards...even the really good authentic places just aren't as good. Still, we will suffer through.


After all, Communism is all about mutual suffering, right?

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