Monday, 1 October 2012

FO: Isabella D'Este socks

Crafting rut begone!

I don't know if it was because it was summer, or I just have a bunch of tiny-gauge make-no-visible-progress projects on the needles, but gah. I need to get working on some woolies. It is autumn, and the chill in the air means I'm going to be needing a few wooly layers to get me through.

The fact that we have a skylight jammed open isn't helping. Oh, that skylight. It's killing me. We opened it on the first day we moved in because that is what they are for. AM I RIGHT? Yes. You move into a place with skylights, you should be able to open them because they are fantastic for ventilation when you don't have AC and you live on the top floor of an ancient walk up. It was a little alarming that once said skylight was open, we couldn't get it to close again. The problem here being that it rained all of June and most of July, then I was away for a while and now it's getting cold. We told the landlord pretty quickly about this problem. "You shouldn't have opened it", he informed us. The skylight repair people didn't get around to fixing it before they went on summer holiday, and to this day, the skylight remains jammed open. I go to bed at night fully clothed and with a hoodie up, and I generally sleep in a flannel bathrobe for good measure.

Necklaces 158

So yes. They are pretty. They are warm. I am happy. I knitted these all throughout my travels this summer, so they are also a sort of reminder of that. While I was too knackered to try to knit on the trail in Norway, I did have lots of plane and train rides to get started, and then I got to the heel at some point in Prague, and was almost finished by the time I was leaving Hungary. A travel journal of the most practical sorts.


They are the loveliest socks ever. The pattern was a wonder to knit. A picot hem on the cuff, an easy floral motif.


Then a graceful arc of twisted stitches that travel and cease the floral pattern above the heel and concentrate it at the front of the foot...


Once the heel is turned, the gusset decreases are hidden in the final touch: a pretty medallion to wear on your foot.

Voila! My new favorite pair of socks, in a bright sunshiny puckery lemon color.


Isabella D'Este socks from the Knitter's Book of Socks. Made with one skein for The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in the Oleander Nymph colorway.

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