Tuesday, 6 November 2012


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I've been traveling a bit and just been kind of scattered in general, hence the inability to sit down and collect my thoughts for more than a minute or two. Ah, life.

We did go on a what amounted to a beer-buying trip to Belgium lately.

I do not like to drink beer. I dislike the stuff and prefer the grape and the distilled versions of grains. I am easily persuaded to go on road trip adventures though and I am sympathetic to the cause- good beer is hard to find in Paris and people go to great lengths to acuire the good stuff. A few hours north of Paris, you hit the Belgium border and our buying spree begins. The beer is cheaper than bottled water here.


Belgium also seems to get the brunt of the gusty driving rains from the North Sea. Paris seemed downright balmy compared to it.

We centered ourselves in Brugges, a medieval city filled with gorgeous old streets and canals.

WED_9084 WED_9116 WED_9118

It's a breathtakingly beautiful city. Its labyrinth of cobblestone streets were easy to get completely lost trying to navigate, but the pleasant surprises that come with getting completely lost was exactly what I wanted.

WED_9123 WED_9128 WED_9133

The 13th century bell tower dominates the main square of the city.

WED_9135 WED_9148

Sometimes these rainy days surprise you with a brief bright hit of sunlight, leaving the world saturated with color.

WED_9150 WED_9152 WED_9213 WED_9228 WED_9231

Belgian chocolate is really different from French chocolate- it's sweeter and creamier- and it's everywhere.


But it's pretty obvious from the fact that every cafe and bar had a beer menu the thickness of the NYC phone book, this was a serious beer town.

WED_9275 WED_9279 WED_9280 WED_9281

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