Monday, 19 November 2012

FO: Angler's Loop Socks

Now that the wind has a chill to it, a fresh pair of socks are in order.


These are a gift for someone with bigger feet than me, but I happen to be the only foot model around today. I had to do some real awesome yoga poses to get these pictures as well.

The foot is plain, but the back of the leg has a pretty and complex cable.


It's based on the Angler's Loop pattern, with a few modifications. I did them toe-up, and left out the ribbing on the foot. Easy and straightforward, they are a good guy sock, but they could totally be a woman's sock as well. They are socks.


The yarn is a skein I picked up at Rhinebeck a few years ago from the March Hare. It's a superwash merino blended with nylon, and it comes in big 455 yard skeins. It seems like a good, solid sock yarn but I'm not sure if the indie dyer is still producing. The color is "Fiddlehead Fern", which is dear to my heart and stomach. Oh, how I love fiddleheads. I haven't found them in Paris, but maybe I arrived too late in the spring to find them.


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