Saturday, 17 November 2012

Père Lachaise

I finally got around to finding the final resting place of Jim Morrison. This seems to be the go-to activity for all visiting Americans, and music fans in general.


Despite the masses flocking, it's a perfectly pleasant place to take a stroll. Autumn is as good time as any. While we don't have the fire of the sugar maples setting the landscape alight like it does in New England, we occasionally get some yellows and golds.

WED_8424 WED_8426

Most of the time, the leaves just turn brown and fall off though.

DSCN0394 WED_8429 DSCN0392



That's it.


It's barricaded, so you have to jockey for prime photo-taking position.


Kind of sad, but instead of people leaving their graffiti on the Morrison grave, they now leave it on all the surrounding tombs within reach.

Afterwards, a little pick-me-up.


Crepes and Cidre at one of my favorite places in the neighborhood, West Country Girl. You can get crepes pretty much everywhere in Paris. They are ubiquitous as the New York slice, with stands street-side serving ones with ham and cheese or nutella. It's worth the effort to find a place that's doing a truly extraordinary favor to crepes, especially if they are drizzling them with their homemade salty caramel sauce.

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