Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Lille is in the far north west of France in Nord-Pas de Calais, right on the border with Belgium. It has a reputation of being an artsy town and it makes for a nice day trip. We were there on a Sunday so it was kind of quiet. Like Paris, most places shutter on Sundays.


We headed to the main museum, the Palais des Beaux Arts. Lucky me, there was an exhibit called, "Fables of Flemish Landscapes", which was all Bosch and Brueghel paintings. This is one of my favorite genere of art history and they had quite the collection of bizarre and macabre works. I'm fascinated by them and especially Bosch, who looks like he might have taken psychedelics before putting brush to canvas.


Bosch paintings especially are vivid and terrifying, with a common theme of hell and limbo in most of them. This appeals to me greatly.

The details of the demons are just nightmarish and chilling.


It was obvious these painters were terrified of death and dying. Vice, vanity, piousness and exile.


The permanent collection was a good find as well.

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Lille has a quaint town square. It was quiet, but the former borse had an interesting flea market going on, and we did eventually find a place to stop for bite.

WED_9630 WED_9632

The wind was pretty incredible...we were getting the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, which meant a lot of wind and hail storms. Even on the other side of the Atlantic, the giant storm let herself be known.

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  1. Great post! We've been thinking of going to Lille (mostly because it's on the Eurostar line and hey, why not), so it's nice to see what it actually has to offer!

    1. Don't let my Sunday visit discourage you. There seemed to be a few good restaurants there that were open the rest of the week. There seemed to be an overwhelming lot of museums, galleries and art happenings going on all the time.

  2. I always liked Bosch's art. Growing up with a name like Hieronymus might have a little bit to do with it. How would you even shorten that?

    1. In French, he is known as "Jerome". So now he's Jerry. Jerry Bosch.

  3. wow.. that's an amazing musuem! I love Bosch, but haven't ever had the chance to see it in person! :(