Saturday, 29 March 2014

FO: Kidsilk Creation Scarves

All these time-consuming colorwork mittens and lace socks kind of take a toll on me.  Occasionally, I need some instant gratification.

It this case, with novelty yarn.


Have you seen this stuff?  It's been out for a while now, and I found some on sale at Janette's Rare Yarns, so I couldn't resist.  It's called Kidsilk Creation.  It's the same luxe yarn as Kidsilk Haze, except the fine strand of silk and kid mohair has been pre-knitted into a giant tube.

There's not a whole lot to do with yarn like this.  I mean, you get a ball of it that retails at £17 and it's only 11 yards long.  On the inside of the label (and plenty of sources free online) you can find the pattern for the Kidsilk Creation Scarf in both knit and crochet versions.  Even if you've never done any crafting before, you could totally make this as it requires no skill and is very forgiving as far as mistakes go.  Basically, you start at one end, push your needle through the tube to make two stitches, and then knit them with more yarn picked up a little further down the tube, while pulling the tube open to make a fishnet ruffle.  It quickly makes a spiral, and it keeps spiraling around as you go.  Depending how spaced apart your stitches are, you can have tight corkscrews, or big, lofty ruffles.

I made two of the knit scarves right away.  They took me about an hour a piece.  They make for lovely gifts, as they look far more complicated then you should get credit for.  If I could find an appropriate project, you could also make a knitted border for, say, a cardigan front or a collar, to give it a fun ruffled edge.  They make for a fun, flirty scarf that is light and airy and super feminine.

That was a fun little break.  Now, back to the grind.    


  1. How cute! Love the blue/gray one :D

    1. Wearing this in my neighborhood is like bringing a knife to a gun fight, or a mini coop to a monster truck rally.