Sunday, 2 March 2014

FO: A wee Jules

Ugh.  Baby clothes are just so anti-climatic without a baby in them.  

I'm kind of at the stage in my life where everyone is having babies all around me.  Babies babies babies.  It makes for a lot of gift-giving, which I'm happy to oblige.  

Mind you, I'm not too committed to this pursuit.  I'm pretty sure that everything I've ever knitted for new babies, and their parents, gets either fitfully thrown from the side of a pram to be mashed into the dirty pavement, or hastily thrown into the washer/dryer on the hottest, most violent cycle by a sleep-deprived zombie.

Oh well.  What can I do?  Buy a gift like everyone else?

 I guess, but that's not my style, baby.

Pattern is called Jules.  The yarn...recognize it? leftovers from two previous sweaters, is Queensland Kathmandu Aran, and the orange, is- le sigh- my handspun.  From a spindle.  Don't ask what I was thinking.  It started out as an Ent Batt, and I spun it quite unevenly, but I think it adds to the rustic charm.  

It was gifted to first-time parents and their new Parisian son.  Alas, daddy is obsessed with New York City, so I did what I could to make it the Knickerbocker colors.

If you see this discarded in a heap, felted and shrunk, on the filthy gutters of the Champs Élysées, no worries.  I meant it to be there.  

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