Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chapeau Marnier

Another FO to catch up on! This one was easy-peasy and fast. I started it on a Sunday night and was wearing it on Tuesday. It's the Chapeau Marnier from Knitty.

oct2009 705

I used some Knit Picks Gloss fingering weight yarn that was in my stash for, oh, pretty much forever. I had made a pair of Hedera socks a couple of years ago with the gloss and hated the way it looked after one wear- shabby as hell. I took it as a good example of getting what you pay for. However, I thought that perhaps a garment that gets lighter wear then socks would make better use of the yarn, so I kept it hanging around in my stash.

The lace part of the brim required a little brain power, but once that was over and done with, it took me no time at all. Vroooom.

I threw it in my bag and wore it while I was away. It needs a good blocking still- the brim likes to flip up. I also want to get a nice ribbon for the brim and sew it into place. I just grabbed what I had in my sewing kit and tied it on as a quick fix.

oct2009 703

It's cute, vintagey and wearable. Unlike some of my non-knit hats, I can crush this up and throw it in my bag when I'm not needing it. As much as I love handmade felt hats from a millinery (Toppers in Boston is my favorite), they are impracticle to travel with and easy to mangle.

Oddly enough, the shade of blue in my clapotis matches the hat! It's almost like having a matching set. Er. Not quite.