Monday, 12 July 2010

FO- Handspun Eyelet Hat for a Girly-Baby-Girl

Well now. I went away for a bit and now I'm back. More about the travels later.

I've had this finished for a while. It's the Eyelet Ribbed hat for a wee one:

From Knits- Summer 2010

It started out life as this:

spinning stash

.6 oz of one of Loop's Babycake batts. These are tiny batts that Steph makes from her leftovers during a carding session. They are perfect for sampling or core-spinning. The batt was a blend of baby alpaca, bamboo, merino, silk noil, and Angelina. Sparkly and girly-pink and a lot of fun to spin.

I spun up the single on my spindle, and then plied it with a single of bamboo top.

sept 2008 002

sept 2008 012

I ended up with 70 yards of DK weight yarn.

From Knits- Summer 2010

The picot edging takes some time, but it gives a nice, solid edge to the brim so it won't flip up.

The handspun is a little slubby to get really good stitch definition, but once the hat is stretched out (as if on one's head) then the stitch pattern is more obvious. Really simple, easy pattern. I made this in an evening while watching an old Clint Eastwood movie. I don't remember which one, but I'm pretty sure he played a handsome and mysterious stranger who rides into town, beats up some bullies and saves the townspeople while showing them all what cowards they are, and then riding right back out with some woman looking wistfully after him.

It's being gifted to a friend who doesn't mind getting baby items that are not machine-washable.

This is also part of my A-Z stashdown challenge (B is for Babycake!).

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  1. I love it because it proves that those little bits of glitzy fluff can be turned into useful items when properly handled.