Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I have a whole arm-chair of knitwear that I've finished but I've been too busy to show off. I'm in Chicago this week (if you are ever here, check out Loopy Yarns) so I'll talk about some recent travels instead.

I started out in Zurich.

From Zurich June 2010

Zurich was so gray and dreary that I switched my camera over to take black and white photos. I couldn't get any color in my photos at all, and the constant cold drizzle was getting me down.

The Man with the Plan had the idea to outrun this depressing weather, so we took a train to the Ticino canton. Ticino is a part of Switzerland that dips down into Italy. It's in the Alps, but situated so that it gets sunny, Mediterranean weather complete with palm trees and balmy weather.

We stepped off the train in Locarno and were instantly charmed by the quaint village, steep hillsides and snowy alps.

From Ticino, Switzerland

It was clean and neat and orderly, as Switzerland tends to be, but more relaxed and friendly, as Italy is.

From Ticino, Switzerland

Instead of climbing up and down the nearby hills on a winding road they had staircases that got you there a bit quicker, passing quaint houses and taking in views of the nearby Alps. You could climb staircase to an ancient church.

From Ticino, Switzerland

From a height, you can see into Italy and far up the valley where there are (surprise!) more Alps.

From Ticino, Switzerland

From Ticino, Switzerland

Naturally, there was knitting involved.

From Ticino, Switzerland

The Travelling Woman shawl came along for some fun. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight in the Footzy Foo colorway. This is part of my A-Z stashdown challenge, a gift, and some super-easy mindless knitting.

More to come- I am in meetings and the internet is too slow to get anything done. I hope my boss finds my blog so he can be informed exactly what I'm doing right now.

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