Thursday, 29 July 2010

FO- Travelling Woman Shawl

I cast on for this shawl because it was another easy, fairly mindless knit. It goes on for a bit and then a simple lace pattern starts and then it's done. Messing with charts and complicated lace while on the road is not something I'm good at, since usually a wee bit of alcohol is consumed with lunch.

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I continued my A-Z stashdown challenge with yet another skein of BMFA Socks that Rock lightweight. This time the color is "Footzy Foo". It a very spingtime colorway- lots of fresh pale greens. I usually don't like to pair lace patterns with complicated hand painted yarn, but these were all similar enough greens to not be too busy (the dreaded "clown barf" effect). These small shawls are a perfect way to quickly use up a skein of sock yarn. Socks usually take me a couple weeks to make, but shawls like this will take me a week or less.

I cast on somewhere over the Atlantic while fending off a chatty Canadian gentleman, who right away took out his Iphone to show me pictures of his girlfriend who worked at Hooters. I figured pretending to sleep for the next few hours was probably my best move in this situation, so the shawl got put down for a bit.

The shawl went to Locarno and took in the amazing Alpine air with me, and then it got a few hits of rather stale smoke-filled air.

It always makes my mother so proud to have raised such a classy daughter.

Travelling Woman Shawl
It went for a hike with me up √úetliberg.

By the time I got home, all that was left to do was block.

Travelling Woman Shawl

Travelling Woman Shawl

Travelling Woman Shawl

The bind-off row is a bit curled up in the pictures, but another blocking should take care of it.

This is a gift for a friend Dagmar, who lives in Germany.


She has the most amazing curly red hair and super fair skin. I think the green will look amazing on her.

The specs: The Travelling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante. I made the pattern exactly as written. I used a size 7 needles and ran out of yarn at the bind-off, so I found another skein of STR that had the same colors, snipped out anything I didn't need, and bound-off in 1 foot increments. Total pain in my ass, but it worked. Should have used size 6 needles and ended up with a slightly smaller shawl, but ah well. I used one entire skein of the STR lightweight yarn, which is 360 yards.

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