Friday, 17 February 2012

Countdown to March 8

What is March 8, you ask?

That will be the last day that I'll be running my Etsy store. Due to the logistics and the shipping limits being imposed on me, I can't take my stock with me. Also, there is the small worry that I can't feasibly ship while I'm moving. So I'm giving myself a nice cut-off date before the stress gets too much.

Here's the deal: I'm still having 30% everything with the code "Trente". Wait a week- that might turn into "quarante" as my need for a clutter-free move gets the best of me. I still have lots of good stuff, so buy it while you can! Especially some of those batts I have listed as there is no way I can store those. Smooshing them down would be tragic!

Speaking of batts, look what one of my shop patrons made:


Isn't it pretty? She's a fantastic spinner, and she lives in France to boot.

I was quite taken with this one as well:


It was a braid of merino/silk roving in the "Hydrangea" colorway. She plied it with a string spaced with delicate pearly-pink beads. Swoon!

I'll be keeping you posted, but I might have some more lace merino yarn to list this weekend, and that will be all as far as updates go.

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