Thursday, 23 February 2012

FO: Well, This Wasn't Exactly How I Pictured Things.

The race to knit down my stash has new urgency. I can't move across an ocean and bring it all with me.


This beast, for example. It was supposed to be a hat. I don't know if the skein of yarn I had was a defect, but there was only 45 yards in the skein. It was supposed to have 110 yards.


It was supposed to be the Unoriginal Hat and now it's a cowl with a cable pattern.


Or a really warm headband. Your choice!


The yarn is Creative Focus Chunky by Nashua Handknits- 75% wool and 25% Alpaca. Methinks this might have been a sample skein or a dud, because it ended up being about half the weight that the label says. Sad face. Lemons make really nice lemonade though, especially when you dump a load of sugar syrup in. I'll stick with that story. Unforgivably, this isn't the softest yarn either- maybe not something you want right up close to your skin like that. I'm pretty immune to prickly wool, and full-grown alpaca can have a lot of guard hairs that might irritate your skin. I mean, you can see the pokey wire hairs in the picture. NOT SOFT. It's a pretty raspberry color though, and the bulky yarn at the tight gauge gives it enough structure so that it's not floppy.


  1. How annoying! I spun up the rest of the Alice Field cormo angora and was so irritated, it wasn't enough to make the slouchy beret I wanted, either. So I dyed it. And then found the second skein.

    1. Make a stripey beret? I don't know, this only took me 45 minutes while I was on a conf call at work so I'm not that angry.

      Oh, lemonade. How badly do we need to flavor trip to make this palatable.