Monday, 13 February 2012

Something that I Know that I will Miss About New York...

The Semolina Cheesecake from The Family Store.

Feb 2012 029

It was love at first bite. The dense, eggy ricotta filling with a pleasurably grainy, sticky citrus-soaked crust. I will buy a slab of it on Monday thinking that it will stick around for most of the week, but miraculously, bite by bite it usually disappears before Tuesday comes around.

This is my go-to comfort food, along with a dozen other things that are sold at this little Mideastern caterer. It's very rare that I don't feel like cooking but often I don't have the time to make a proper dinner. The food here is so homemade and good and I'm always looking for an excuse to check out what they've got on special. It's one of those very Brooklyn family-run business where you can tell that everyone who works behind the counter is related. The catch phrase they all use is "..and what else". You order, but with those subtle words of encouragement, you can't help but ordering more and I've never regretted a thing. There's an aloof cat keeping watch of the whole operation from his sunny perch near the window.

They also have homemade yogurt that is to die for. Really: Yogurt that is TO DIE FOR. It deserves its own post.

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