Monday, 6 February 2012

Time Well Spent

All those days off that we got in December and January over the holidays...well, those days got turned into beer. Lots of beer. Which, in turn, had to be bottled, which took a great deal of the weekend to do.


It took up all the kitchen space. I couldn't even get to the fridge and open it at one point, which was horrifying because I had a nice wedge of Roquefort in there that was screaming my name. Every surface was in the process of getting covered with brown sticky sludge- no matter how clean and careful you try to be, a little gets spilled. Multiply that by many little spills and you have yourself a nice mess.


The clinking of glass bottles haunted my sleep last night. A pact was made that we need to, uh, put a cap on this production.

301's very nice to never have to do a beer run.


  1. Replies
    1. He's killing me. There are still two buckets of beer that need to be bottled. But shhhh...he doesn't complain about the yarn or the fleeces, so I have to just bite my lip and deal with it.