Saturday, 5 May 2012


Oooh boy.  Do I have some catching up to do.  Moving is hard work, and finding the time to sit down and write is really impossible.  Before I launch into my current adventures, let me share a last few pictures of a sunny spring day in Maine.

april 2012 084

april 2012 087

I may have mentioned this before, but the town I grew up in is a sad decrepit place.  Yes, the beautiful beaches are a nice touch, but the downtown area has been in decline for years.  There is a garbage-burning facility right in the center, which makes a fragrant mess out of the property values.  Therefore, the downtown is almost complete empty and there are loads of empty brick mill buildings that they are trying to repurpose into condos and business offices.

april 2012 088

april 2012 090

All the factories have long since gone- these were textile mills.  Nike closed their last US based operations here in the late 80's.

april 2012 115

april 2012 116

This cupola was in such bad disrepair, they took it down and left it on the ground in front of the tower.  It's been there for ages now.

april 2012 124

april 2012 129

april 2012 131

It's empty and depressing, but a little beautiful.

Of course, when that all gets to be too much, there's always the beach.

april 2012 202

This is nearby Goat Island light.  I've never been out there.  You need a boat.

april 2012 229

april 2012 232

april 2012 233

april 2012 237

april 2012 247

april 2012 259

april 2012 279

Dogs are not allowed on the beach after mid-May, so we took the opportunity to torment the poor family dog.

april 2012 286

I didn't want to leave, but alas, I had to get back for a final week of packing and scrambling around in the city.


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    1. I miss you as well! I am getting settled so I'll be in touch more in the next few days.