Sunday, 27 May 2012


It took me a couple weeks, but I found it. WED_2795 It's called beurre de cacahuète here It took me forever to figure out what the word for "peanut" was. I don't think it's very widely consumed. I kept looking for it where the nutella and jams were (which seems familiar enough to American eyes at first glance), but apparently it's considered a foreign food, so I was finally able to find it between the Thai and Mexican shelves in the "Anglais" section along with mostly British foods. It feels a little sacrilege to smear it on a baguette but I keep doing it anyway.


  1. I've heard that Europeans don't like peanut butter. crazy! :)

    1. Yeah...I can get this paste of Chestnuts that is similar in texture, but it's way too sweet to sub for PB. It's just not a real food stuff here, and you can look around the grocery store and know who all the expats are based on if they are smugly waking away with a jar of skippy.