Thursday, 17 May 2012

A quick trip to the Louvre

One of the great things about living here (I know, there's lots) is that you can take advantage of free museum days. Every first Sunday of the month, the Lourve is free. Since we're staying really close by, I thought it would be a good way to spend a dreary Sunday, where pretty much everything else is closed. Paris 2012 The line to get in is a little ridiculous, but since there was no ticketing, it moved quickly and only took a half hour. You can amuse yourself taking pictures of people trying to touch the tops of the pyramids. Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 As long as you don't try and fight your way to the Italian Masters wing, the place is remarkably quiet. We spent a couple hours in the Dutch and Flemish paintings, who are always my favorite. Their use of light and dark will never cease to astound me. Paris 2012 oh. ha. This one cracked me up. Paris 2012 My eight year old self pointed and laughed hysterically as I noticed the details. Paris 2012 I guess he was a realist? I half expected someone to be scraping poo off their shoes in the next frame. So realistic! We did have a fantastic time of people watching as well. Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 It seemed like everyone was a bit lost when they first got the map, and it was fun to watch them try to orient themselves and debate over what to see first. Paris 2012 I mean, their collections are enormous. It would day days, if not weeks to properly see everything they had. Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 Paris 2012 I tend to like the smaller museums as I feel a bit overwhelmed here, but you can't argue with free. After two hours of browsing, we left to get a bite to eat and fight the bleary-eyed syndrom you get from staring too hard for so long. There's nothing like a nice St. Emillion to ease your way into a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Other than the Mona Lisa, all I remember about the Louvre was that the toilet paper was blue :)
    I would love to go back someday!