Monday, 7 May 2012

Brooklyn Wort

What better way to celebrate our last day in the city than to hang out with friends and make them drink down our beer stash. I couldn't think of one anyway. Besides, we booked our travel around this event. What started as a starter kit ended up a rather serious undertaking. New Nikon 002 New Nikon 027 A bucket and a glass jug and some odd tools and a book and a couple pre-measured kits. What could go wrong? Well, we ended up having to replace the apartment stove for one. Between my bakeathons and obsession with slow cooking and the sticky boil over from the boiling wort, we really destroyed it. Dec 2011 006 Naturally, a starter kit wasn't enough. Soon, giant kettles and siphons and copper coils started showing up. Like little bits of cashmere fluff I tuck away in odd nooks, I was finding really weird beer objects. Suddenly, whole weekends were consumed with brewing. Every last bit of storage space we had was filled with beer. This was just the product of one weekend: 310 And that happened almost every weekend. Staggering. Mind you, I don't even like the stuff. I'm a wino. An imbiber of cocktails. I'm a good sport about it, trying every super-hopped expirament that came out of that kitchen. It's a fascinating process, and we had enough bottle-bombs to keep me on my toes as well. Brewing ended up being a very nice social skill as well. No one turns you down when you show up on their doorstep with a six pack. march 2012 017 I was a little nervous about the timing of the Brooklyn Wort festival with the move going on, but when you have no furniture and you're sitting on the floor trying to steal your neighbor's Internet,you get the urge to get out pretty quickly. Cases of Chili Pepper Wheat beer was loaded into a cab and ordered off to Williamsburg. It was our best idea yet. A great deal of our friends showed up to drink and says farewells. Y'all better be busy working out when you will be visiting us now. Those drunken promises did not go unnoticed, as I was probably the most sober person there. Brooklyn Wort Brooklyn Wort Brooklyn Wort Brooklyn Wort Beer people tend to be a jovial bunch, and this day was no exception. Bryan went home with a respectable 3rd place and pretty much all the beer was gone or Given away at the end of the event. Success! It's best that Brooklyn remembers us as the givers of beer.

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  1. Oh, I so wish I hadn't been stricken with a bug that day, I hated missing this. (and you guys).