Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lazy Post

Need to finish this sweater. Lazy Post. Incomplete Sentences.

Here's a great resource that I wish would have been around when I was first moving to Paris: The Land of Bureaucracy Explained. It explains all the headaches and processes or becoming a resident here in France. If you are looking to move here, this is a must-read. It doesn't scare you per say as much as prepare you for what is ahead. Hint: it involves lots arbitrary paperwork and really expensive stamps.

But, also, France is probably the only place that pinup girls and cheese coexist.

There is hope for spring. Here are some really cool pictures of tulip fields in the Netherlands.

The Sony World Photography Award winners are stunning.

An amusing collection of photos of fashion-week attendees wearing ridiculous shoes in the recent snow and slush. While I think that Crocs and Uggs are the most hideous items of footwear and they are in my "not to be caught dead in" category, there are some perfectly cute winter boot choices out there now. Plus, getting salty slush spotting and corroding your $1000 pumps is never attractive.

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