Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hey, happy Lupercalia!

I'm not sure if this has caught on yet, but Paris has become the land of Pop-up foodie events. A kitchen or bar will whore their kitchens out to a catering outfit or a team of chefs, who will do up some better-than-average comfort foods. Most of them are American-themed in nature: Southern foods, Cajun goodies, and the all important brunch.


I've been in Paris long enough to start to bump in to people, and if you advertise anything authentically American then you will get a big crowd of Yankees.

Ofttimes, these are fantastically disorganized affairs with long waits and a bit of an unpredictable element to them, but they are generally fun and laid-back with understanding patrons.


Biscuits and sausage gravy made by the great independent caters Emperor Norton. I haven't had real American brunch since...well, forever. Early April maybe? It was fantastic.

Plus, someone drew penises on the condensation on the front window of Red House.


Tee hee!


I hadn't spent a Sunday slothfully chatting with friends, drinking coffee and cocktails over breakfast foods in ages.

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