Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Le Soleil!

The sun does occasionally poke through the dreary gray. I grab my camera and run outside. While Paris is truly one of the most beautiful cities on earth, when the light hits it just right, it is pure sorcery.


Seeing l'Opera Garnier for the hundredth time or the first, it matters not. It becomes a whole new scene for me when there is light and shadows to play with.


And, oh, reflection! You kind of need sunlight for those to show up as well.


It's a tough place to photograph, this Paris. I'm generally hesitant to bring out my camera in a downpour or a day of heavy rain as holding an umbrella over my head while getting my exposures right is just painful at best. For the most part, camera has been staying at home while I pout over shot after missed shot. I should just shuddup get a cheap-o point and shoot to have in my pocket on those occasions.


I have never had to clean my lenses as much as I have had since moving here. They are sumdge city at the end of every day. Even with a lens hood on, the rain still gets in.

WED_2763 WED_2765 WED_2768 WED_2766 WED_2769 WED_2771 WED_2776

Getting my requisite dose of Vitamin D.


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