Friday, 1 February 2013

Shetlands in Shetland wearing Shetlands

These photos have been circulating around the series of tubes the past couple weeks, and I couldn't be happier.

From the Visit Scotland website, naturally. I do believe I will again.

Some of my favorite things: Ponies. Handknit Jumpers. Countries that bear the name of their namesake dark liqour.

They are cute as hell. The first pony I learned to ride when I was wee was a Shetland.


His name was Snip. If you tried to put a sweater on him, I'm sure you would be out a sweater and be sporting some fancy bruises. I was so happy the day I graduated to a real horse as I disliked him much. He had two speeds: walk and stop, except for when he thought it was time to go out to the pasture, and then he suddenly became Secretariat. He had that wily pony demeanor that I fear to this day. The moment I was free to choose, I went right for the horses in the "big and dumb" category and never looked back.

Still. Shetlands in fair isle sweaters is all sorts of cute.

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  1. You were such an adorable little girl and grew up to be a beautiful woman. Keep writing!