Monday, 18 March 2013

Another Failed Walk: this time in the snow.

On a recent afternoon, I set off for a long walk to go to Shakespeare & Company, a well-known expat hotspot and historic Anglo bookshop near Notre Dame. I needed a travel book of the Lonely Planet variety for un upcoming trip, and this was by best option.

Rather frustratingly, they only had travel books about France. Ah well. It was a nice walk anyway, made extra fabulous by the dusting of snow that was going on.

First, a stop at my favorite North Africa pastry shop for a little sweet nostalgia.


Once I had pastry-fueled energy, anything is possible and a sunny outlook can be had on the grimmest of gray days.

WED_3719 WED_3728 WED_3730 WED_3737 WED_3754 WED_3759

I hadn't been over to Notre Dame in a couple of months. For the 850th (!) anniversary of the church, they built a huge stadium-style viewing platform on the plaza out front. I have to go back when it is sunny as it's a great way to get a good view of the statues and windows up close.

WED_3760 WED_3763 WED_3764 WED_3765 WED_3768

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