Saturday, 23 March 2013

David Chang comes to Paris! (sort of)

One thing I miss badly from the states: a good sandwich.

The French make many things better than anyone else. Alas, they are uninspired sandwich makers. Occasionally, a melty toasty Croque Madame or Monsieur will catch my eye, but I almost always go for the crepes when given the choice, as sandwiches are usually just a spit open baguette with grocery-store ham and cheese slicers. Perhaps a bit of lettuce if you are lucky. Always pre-made, never anything different.

Imagine my excitement when Verjus, a fantastic American-owned restaurant and wine bar near Palais Royale, announced they would be serving a sandwich-centric lunch.

The menu is exclusively sandwiches, all knocked off from famous chef menus in the US.

A David Chang inspired pork bun sandwich:

WED_5317 WED_5318

A perfectly crispy friend chicken sandwich:


A lovely monstrous Cuban:


Your sandwich of choice is served with either chocolate chip cookies or a brownie. The fact that they had real ginger beer was enough to make me cry tears of joy.

I am happily homesick no more...not even having to walk back in the metro in the pouring rain was enough to sour my mood.

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