Friday, 15 March 2013

A Failed Walk


Failed as in, I didn't set out to accomplish what I intended to, but it was fine otherwise.

I took the Metro to the far reaches of the 15th Arrondissement with the goal of walking the winding length of the Seine from one end to the other through Paris. I thought it would take me about four hours to walk back to the 11th Arr at a leisurely pace. It was bitterly cold that day, and I didn't take into account that it would be miserably windy on the water, so I totally wimped out and hopped on to the cozy metro after walking just a few stops from where I started.


Bir-Hakeim is a big iron bridge with stunning views.

WED_3570 WED_3572 WED_3593 WED_3600

There's no escaping it: pretty much every picture you take in this neighborhood is bound to include la dame de fer.

While the neighborhood itself is kind of a bland, "I keep an apartment in Paris" sort of place, it's very classically Paris.

WED_3606 WED_3628 WED_3655 WED_3652

I had the wide dirt path along the river pretty much to myself as not many were braving the cold wind.

WED_3631 WED_3658 WED_3643

A surprise...for the first time that I've been there, the huge fountains at the Trocadero palace were on. Never mind that the wind was whipping so hard that it was hard to avoid getting a cold misting.

WED_3660 WED_3670 WED_3673 WED_3684

The top of the palace is the classic post card picture view of the city.


My timing was off, as the wind whipped away the sun, leaving me with flat gray light again.

WED_3697 WED_3699 WED_3708 WED_3711

I will try my walk again soon, once I don't need to be bundled up like a subarctic explorer and eating sticks of butter in order to keep warm.

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