Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Aeolian- still chugging along

I just need to say that I love this pattern. Much less intimidating than I thought it would be, mostly because it is so well-written. It flows along nicely, but it keeps me interested because each row is different.

I've got about 5 rows left. Lace looks like ramen noodles until it's blocked, so this doesn't do it justice. Still. It's all I've got:

sept2009 414

Hooray, my official knitwear photographer is back in town!

This weekend we went to Governor's Island for a faux country getaway. You can totally fool yourself that you are someplace far away from NYC, but you are actually in the middle of New York harbor.

sept2009 372

The views are really amazing- it takes a second to take in what you are actually seeing. It's such an interesting vantage point of the city.

sept2009 380

Most of the island is closed off to the public- it was a former Coast Guard base that was abandoned and a lot of it will be demolished. Some of the old houses are being utilized as art galleries.

sept2009 389

That's downtown Manhattan in the background. Crazy, right? It's so close, but you have a big green lawn to nap out on. Nary a siren or car alarm to be heard.

sept2009 417

There is a lot of art on this island. I found a dragon, made entirely out of chairs and scrap wood:
sept2009 383

They have a free ferry leaving from downtown Manhattan and from Brooklyn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until mid-October. There are food and drink vendors (we found quality homemade ice cream) but it's an ideal place to pack a picnic and chill.

I got a new postal scale (whoohoo!) so I'll be weighing the new spindles tonight and posting them on the Etsy store tomorrow.

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