Friday, 11 September 2009

Progress, Updates, etc.

I've been a busy knitter lately, but a lousy photographer, so I have no pictures to share yet. I've recently finished a couple pairs of socks. I cast on for the Espresso sweater. Ooh, wait, I did take a picture of that:

sept2009 005

This is my big fleece-to-sweater project. It started out as a big, stinky CVM fleece. I spun it up and ended up with a 3-ply dk weight yarn.

fiber 001

I'm almost done the back (thanks to my rather awful commute this morning, so I feel like I win the traffic war) and I'm loving the variegations in the yarn.

I'm knitting it up on size 4 needles, so it is taking quite a while. Because I carded it and spun it up woolen, the yarn is very rustic and fuzzy. It also means that the cable will not be as well defined. Details, details.

I made real progress while on vacation on the Aeolian. I'm on the final edge chart, and I predictably ran out of yarn. I'm back to the wheel this weekend to spin up some more and finish it off.

The boy is still on his motorcycle, zooming around Nova Scotia. This makes for an insane amount of productivity time I normally don't have. I'm hoping to have a huge number of new spindles done and ready to list on my Etsy store by the end of the month.

This weekend is the Garden State Fiber Festival. If I make it out there, I will have much to report on Monday. It supposed to be beautiful and sunny on Sunday.

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  1. The yarn you spun for the sweater is really nice - I love rustic.