Monday, 28 September 2009

September STR

I had joined the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Club last itchy mouse-clicking finger did anyway. This is the first time I tried a sock club- I'm usually a bit picky about my yarn colors and patterns that I choose. I must say, so far I've been impressed with what I've been getting in the mail. The colors especially have made me swoon this month.

sept2009 454
STR Mediumweight in "River Rocked"

The photographs do not do the yarn justice. The colors are brilliant, and the linen-stitch sock pattern by Cat Bordhi plays on these colors well. They just scream "perfect autumn day" to me.

It was all I could do to keep myself from casting on. I have two projects on the needles that I'm actually making progress on and I need to keep it that way. I stashed the new sock yarn in the bin and went back to the Aeolian. Only 3 rows left! I can knock this thing out in a couple hours barring any great knitterly blunder or yarn shortage. And the Espresso- I'm on target to be able to wear this as a FO to Rhinebeck. I don't need a sock distraction right now.

But still.

If yarn could have puppy dog eyes, this is what it looks like:

sept2009 455

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