Monday, 9 November 2009

Loop Spin-in

On Saturday, Steph from Loop had her monthly spin-in at her studio.

Shansays brought some pretty dorset that she dyed:

oct2009 259

SargentMajorette, LetsKnitTogether and MagicStix were all there:

oct2009 261

Steph has a pretty sweet fiber mill set up.

oct2009 263

Look! Dueling chakras!

oct2009 280

CathyZ and JimBobSpins played a little chakra duet for us.

Stellina had some "crapalca" that was turned into beautiful roving. Here it is on the mill belt:

oct2009 283

The glitter fairy swooped down last minute and sprinkled pixie dust on it.

oct2009 292

oct2009 294

The end results:

oct2009 295

Definitely no longer crapalca!

The Gaga complex was right near a creek. Venus took me exploring around the area.

oct2009 268

oct2009 273

oct2009 274

oct2009 277

Then I went out for Shabu-shabu and sushi in Bensonhurst with Stellina and Shansays, which was an excellent way to get rid of the sugar withdrawl we were all having (an earlier stop at the Donut Plant was a delightful mistake).

I got very little actual spinning done, but I had so much fun it doesn't matter.