Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Not a whole lot of time to spin, but two wheels means I can have two projects going.

Here is the Spunky Club for August, "Zombies" Falkland:

oct2009 419

I'll navajo ply it eventually and make a hat (maybe). KnithoundBrooklyn made a really cute bucket hat out of hers.

This is super special:

oct2009 422

Cashmere! The down fiber class I took at Rhinebeck totally gave me confidence to actually spin a 1oz bump of the good stuff that I had stashed away. I Andean plied it on a spindle last night and I need to count up my yardage. I'm thinking a lace cowl needs be made: this stuff is amazing and soft.

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  1. hey thanks for the shout out. The cashmere came out amazing!!