Monday, 2 November 2009


I spent this past weekend in Savannah and Tybee turning a rather stunning shade of angry pink and avoiding the ghosts that haunt the old town.

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Saturday made for a lovely beach day- mid-80's, sunny and beautiful.

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There were dolphins swimming very close to shore.

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There weren't too many people in the water but I went for a swim. Something very large and streamline swam waaay too close to me at one point. Three of us saw it in the wave about to break in front of us. The theories of "what we saw" abounded, but alligator, shark and porpoise were contenders to the title. I'm inclined to say it was a shark since I didn't see anything surface to breath. It was quite large. I saw a dorsal fin, but it didn't break the surface. I was content to stay in knee deep water after seeing whatever that was.

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Tybee Island lighthouse

Savannah is quite the party town. Like New Orleans, you can drink on the streets. It didn't seem that too many people actually lived in the downtown area, but in the sprawl around it. I'm sure it's quite pricey to buy and maintain the old houses in the historic area.

There were some good places to eat. I would highly recommend checking out the Olde Pink House on Abercorn street. The renovated mansion was a comfortable setting for a rather lengthy meal. The tavern downstairs was exactly the kind of bar I seek out anywhere I travel: dark, cozy fireplaces, lots of exposed beams and antique furnishings, and a piano virtuoso pounding out old jazz standards.

Since it was Halloween, there were lots of characters out:

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I did get some knitting time in with all the traveling. There were a few quality yarn stores in the area, but frankly, I was more interested in seeing how many different crab cakes and friend green tomatoes I could sample. I'm pretty sure I could have eaten my weight in grits and collards as well.

Viva Cuisine of the South.

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