Tuesday, 22 December 2009

FO- Damson

When I travel, I usually bring along a pair of socks to knit. They are compact and only take up a skein or two of yarn, which makes them a pretty perfect travel item. I bucked the trend this time and made the Damson shawl instead. It was made of sock yarn (bonus!) and it was pretty simple lace.

dec2009 692

It blocked out a lot bigger than I thought it would- I thought it would be more scarf than shawl.

dec2009 959

I knit it on #6 needles, so it's not terrible warm, but I've been wearing it almost constantly since I've finished it.

dec2009 999

(yes, we got snow. lots and lots of snow.)


I want to re-block the scalloped edges (I ran out of pins, but I could have just used a length of yarn as a blocking wire to pull them out). I am in love with the yarn- it's Malabrigo sock in Botticelli Red. It's perfect- one of the sexiest vampy reds I've ever seen. I didn't even consider taking the time for a gauge swatch and ran out of yarn on the second-to-last row because of it. A second skein was rushed to my door and it was quickly made use of, which means that now I have an additional 400 yards of Botticelli Red to deal with. Whatever will I do?

dec2009 997

A matching set perhaps?

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  1. Genmaicha Mitts by Kristen Kapur, that would be a perfect complement!