Monday, 7 December 2009

The Week in Knitting

Very little spinning has been done lately, but circumstances have been perfect for getting some knitting done. I generally have to be home to spin, and there has been a lack of being home since I've been home.

Anyway, here is what is on the needles:

The Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda. I've never made a tam before and I feel brave branching out from my usual beanie and cloche comfort zone.

dec2009 832

I'm using a discontinued Rowan Yarn- Yorkshire tweed. It's a DK weight 100% wool yarn. I actually bought the yarn to do this pattern:

I'm really glad I knew to walk away from that after just a few intarsia rows. The fact that there would be over 1000 ends to weave in was a good sign that I should stop. Did I mention that I also tried to knit this in the round?

dec2009 834

The cable pattern on the Snapdragon is a bit complex and requires some brain power, but it's fairly simple in design and easy to memorize.

Also on the needles this week is the Avast. After letting the cabled band sit for ages, I picked up stitches along side it and started a fairly endless field of stockinette stitch.

dec2009 836

Since I can knit this with my eyes closed, I was able to finish the body up to the pits plus one sleeve in this past week...and I've only got another inch to go on sleeve #2. Then it's joining everything together for the yoke. Maybe I can get the knitting done on this by the weekend.

It's a men's large (44 inches). I'm using my standard go-to worsted weight yarn, Valley Yarns Northhampton. This stuff is great for everyday projects. It's fairly soft, it looks great after wear and it's inexpensive.

I'm trying to make time for a big Etsy shop upload today- lots of handpainted roving this time around. I've had this stuff dyed up for a month now and just haven't been home during daylight to photograph it until yesterday.

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