Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Compared to the countryside and tiny villages we had been frequenting, Arles seemed downright bustling. Provence is much more touristy then Languedoc.

Arles is where Van Gogh lived when he painted "Starry Night" on the Rhone.

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This cafe still stands in Arles, except they painted it a gaudy yellow and green colors so it looks like it was illuminated much like the picture.

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It's a beautiful, sun-baked city.

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They have some spectacular Roman ruins, including the 1st Century BC arena that is still in use.

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We happened to be there for market day. Arles has one of the largest markets in the area, and the whole town turns out to do their shopping.

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This farmer had organized all her berries and currants in tiny containers with such care. She was so enthusiastic about what she did.

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I was in foodie heaven. Each tomato I tried was better than the last. Oh, and the stone fruits were amazing- cherries, peaches and apricots were in peak season and really put American grocery store produce to shame. The wines were delicious as well- lots of crisp whites and roses that made for a nice, lazy afternoon.

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