Monday, 27 September 2010


The weather this summer in New York left everyone absolutely miserable and house bound. Since the traditional sanctuary of the movie theater is now having bedbug infestations, the most obvious thing to do was to leave.

Maine 2010 143-1
It was a long ride up, but we took mostly back roads and fun mountain roads, stopping to catch up with friends on the way.

What was unbearably sticky and sweltering in the city translated into warm, sunny and breezy a couple hundred miles north. Everywhere I went, people raved about what a fantastic summer they were having.

Camp 2010 002
If this was New York, both woman and dog would have been sporting third degree burns right now.

Maine 2010 029

Maine 2010 052

Maine 2010 053

It's always nice to catch up with family, hang out at the beach with a margarita and work up the bravery to take a swim.

Maine 2010 078
We to tend to eat well, as always.

Camp 2010 033

We also tried to pioneer new sports, like a rather soggy affair with tow-in kayaking.

Camp 2010 044

Camp 2010 046

Nothing else cures the summer city blues like a week in relative isolation in Northern Maine.

Maine 2010 067

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