Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Handspun Alpaca

Last summer, I stopped by Winter's Gone Farm in Wiscasset, Maine. Being on a motorcycle laden with camping equipment, I couldn't really bring too much home with me.

maine2009 179

(like a live animal)

I was able to squeeze in a 4 oz bump of super soft fawn-colored roving on board.

maine2009 180

I spun this up recently and loved every minute of it. I tend to not get a lot of spinning done in oppressive heat, but there was a break and we got some cool rainy weather last week. I pulled the wheel out and also chipped away at a warm woolie handspun sweater. The sweater still has a bit to go before it gets sent to the Glamor Shots studio, but I finished the yarn:

Yarn (22)

Yarn (19)

Yarn (18)

I ended up with more than 400 yards of laceweight 2-ply. It came out surprisingly heathery, which I love. It's very soft and once I gave it a bath and a thwack to set the twist, it bloomed up nicely.

This is destined to be a small lace shawl. I'm trying to force myself to spin specifically for projects as I tend to just mindlessly spin and create yarn and let it sit in a bin once I'm done with it.

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