Monday, 27 September 2010

The Maine Coast

As much as I love being up in the mountains, I like being on the coast even more. We took a nice lobster roll roadtrip down Route 3 to the coast.

maine2009 132

maine2009 142

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Aside from seafood, Maine is also good for travelers because of the vintage diners that dot the old highways. A-1 Diner is a classic 1946 Worcester dining car plopped down on the corner of Main St in Gardiner. They had excellent old-school diner food and fresh seafood.

Camp 2010 065

People in Maine really love their vintage cars, and a weekend doesn't go by without a car show somewhere.

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Camp 2010 077

I lucked out with the weather and got another week of nothing but sunshine, and spent most of the time riding my bike, firing up the grill, and lazing around on the beach.

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I also try to line my trips up with some sort of berry season. By mid-August, the raspberries are pretty much done with, but the blackberries and wild blueberries are ready to go.

Maine 2010 221

It's really hard for me to justify living where I do after a couple weeks like that.

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